"There is no greater measure of success than client satisfaction." — Michael L. Carucci


“Working with Michael Carucci was a great pleasure. He and his team were responsive and persistent. Michael listened to what we hoped for, used his remarkable connections to sell our properties, and represented us at the highest level of professionalism. Michael demonstrated, in his dealings with us and our buyers, that he is a man of highest integrity and principle. His years of experience are invaluable. And his patience and sense of humor made working together for a year and a half (or was it two years??) an excellent experience.

We recommend Michael Carucci with highest praise and great enthusiasm.”
Toby W. Woll
Director of Learning Technology Initiatives
MIT Sloan School of Management
"I want to thank Michael Carucci, the Gibson Sotheby’s broker who handled our sale at 3 Arlington Street in Boston. This was a unique and complex transaction. When an and difficult problem that was predicted to take weeks to resolve arose only one business day before the scheduled closing, Michael took charge of the situation and resolved the problem within a matter of hours. He is knowledgeable, courteous and effective. I was very lucky to have had Michael in my corner."
Juliane Balliro
Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
"I recently entrusted the buying and selling of residential property in Weston, MA to The Carucci Group at Gibson Sotheby’s. Given the experience and judgment of Michael Carucci, the property deals were crisply transacted in a matter of weeks. The all around service of his team was prompt and accurate, and in particular I’d like to mention the support of The Carucci Group team member Orla Roche."
Vincent Roche
CEO, Analog Devices
"Michael was very professional and diligent in selling my home at the Four Seasons Residence. His persistence and dedication made for a smooth transaction. I would highly recommend Michael for any of your real estate needs."
Jim Richardson
Rolex Farr 40 World Champion
"Michael and Yuchan make an amazing team. They are very professional, knowledgeable, attentive to detail and easy to work with. Michael is a straight shooter and extremely honest with his clients. They both worked very hard for us and got the price we wanted for our home in a short amount of time. They never left any questions unanswered, always responded immediately and offered excellent advice. Joe and I can highly recommend them for anyone seeking a truly professional real estate team!
Romie & Joseph Tagliente
“Having Michael Carucci and Gibson Sotheby’s International on my side during the sale of my home was creative, quick, and oh so professional. Bottom line: The home sold in quite a respectable time. I thank them greatly!”
Lydia Shire
OWNER, Scampo Winner, 1992 James Beard Award
“Every Brookline broker told me I would never achieve $6,900,000 for my home. Michael not only exceeded that price, but prior to the sale he leased the home to Celine Dion for a record rental price. Every showing had an extremely qualified buyer and the process was flawless to closing. Michael is extremely professional to work with!”
Edward Latessa
Aria Partners
“Michael was a tremendous help when my family and I relocated from Denmark to Boston, swiftly addressing every issue that arose along the way.”
Dr.Ulrik Juul Christensen
CEO, Area 9
“Michael is knowledgable, patient, and professional. If you’re considering a sale or purchase, I recommend Michael Carucci.”
Gilbert Winn
CEO, Winn Companies
“Michael has an exceptional ability to uncover opportunities in an otherwise very competitive market. His follow through and execution make all the difference.”
Bruce Percelay
CEO,The Mount Vernon Company
Publisher, Nantucket Magazine
“Michael Carucci’s knowledge, advice, and guidance of the Boston market is extraordinary. The result was a dream house at a perfect price. To put it simply, he is a master of his craft.”
Mark Cattini
CEO, Autotask Corporation
“When any of my highly valued customers ask who they should talk to when considering moving to Boston, I always suggest Michael Carucci. His market knowledge is unsurpassed in the industry and his attention to detail is exceptional.”
Nick Varano
CEO, The Varano Group
"The result in this transaction exceeded our wildest expectation. We achieved our economic goal while allowing Burbank Gardens to continue as affordable housing. That outcome is a direct result of the marketing process Michael drove. We are most appreciative."
Myrna Putziger
General Counsel, The Fallon Company
"We chose Michael Carucci and Gibson Sotheby's to represent our family because we knew he would deliver us qualified buyers and ensure a smooth transaction. He did just that. The process was flawless and he and his team showcased the property to its utmost potential. I would highly recommend Michael for your real estate needs."
Paul Bernon
Co-Founder and Partner, Burn Later Productions; Principal, Rubicon Real Estate
"Any sailor can tell you that coastal navigation is dangerous without local knowledge. Michael is the consummate pilot to navigate the rocks, currents and hazards of real estate in Boston. If maximum return on investment is your goal, then tap into Michael's lifetime of study and analysis of this turbulent market. I did, and was duly rewarded."
Clint Clemens
CEO, Clint Clemens Productions