Carucci’s Charitable Ties

By chuckhinds, Posted February 15, 2017

With Valentine’s Day behind us we can talk openly about the presumable pressure this “loving” pastime perpetuates.   It has become a love/hate holiday throughout the world.   The superficial significance that it boasts, or rather burdens on romantic love is brutal to say the least.    Historically Saint Valentine’s Day is a cross between Robin Hood and Romeo and Juliet.  Saint Valentine of Rome would perform wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.  This led to his imprisonment and ultimately his death. The Saint Valentine traditions flourished over time and strengthened its association with courtly love.

Next year commit to making Saint Valentine proud and devout more heart and less hallmark into this Saintly day.  Instead of over-the-top gifts of glam make a donation in the name of a loved one or plan on attending an event for a great cause.  Here are a few of Michael Carucci’s Top Charitable Ties:

Music Drives Us: This 5013c  founded to provoke change through music.  The organization has been Rockin’ for over 10 years and raising over $1,000,000 at the helm of Ernie Boch Jr.  MDU works with organizations and individuals seeking positive change through music.

Lenny Zakim Foundation: Founded in 1995 by Lenny Zakim the organization empowers other grass roots organizations making positive social change.   The LZF helps build bridges to eliminate borders and build communities with the main focus being equality, growth and development.

Out of The Box:  You cannot mention Philanthropy in Boston without mentioning Ted Cutler.  His vision to bring “dancing in the streets” through Boston’s 8 Day Festival has been widely celebrated.   The Emerson Alumni is committed to changing Boston’s Performing Arts Culture.  Cutler helps to showcase talent through programs, performances and workshops.

Heading Home: Heading Home’s mission to end homelessness with permanent affordable housing along with a comprehensive framework that surpasses the home search such as, life skills, education, fiscal responsibility and trauma which has resulted in 90%+ of Heading Homes residents successfully still housed after a year.

We congratulate all who donate time and money to foundations/organizations such as above.   The ultimate luxury is realizing there are no limits.