What Four Seasons Living Taught Me About Luxury Brands

By chuckhinds, Posted February 9, 2017

Michael Carucci not only sells luxury real estate, he lives in it. He has lived at the prestigious Four Seasons Boston overlooking Boston Public Gardens for more than a decade and as such, he says that he has learned a great deal about luxury branding which he has brought to his own business as Executive Vice President of Gibson Sotheby’s Real Estate. Michael is a lifelong learner who believes that life is a classroom and the people and interactions he has daily are all part of the lessons he is learning about being a better person, a wiser businessman, and leading the very best luxury real estate team, not just in Boston, but in the world. Here are three lessons Michael Carucci has garnered about building his own distinguished luxury brand from his decade long residence at Four Seasons Boston:

The Difference Between Good and Great: Michael says that the difference between good brands and great brands comes down to client satisfaction, which is something Four Seasons has mastered impeccably. He says that what enables Four Seasons to consistently deliver a great experience is that they’ve taught their employees not just to satisfy the client but also to anticipate the client’s needs in advance, and provide value even before the client knows he is seeking it. For example, Michael says that if he were to walk into the lobby of his Four Seasons Residences with a bundle of flowers, Jim at the front desk will ask how his day is going and will ask if he should send a vase up to the Carucci residence for the flowers. Jim will anticipate that a vase may be needed, even before Michael realizes he needs one. How this has translated to Michael’s business is that he and his team at The Carucci Group have become meticulous about anticipating the needs of each client, even before they known they need anything. For example, with a recent estate closing in Brookline, Michael’s team realized that the family would be arriving to their new home late in the evening, so he had his Carucci Group concierge team complete a full food shopping order, so that his clients would arrive home to a refrigerator full of food after a long night on the road. Michael says that excellence is his minimum standard, and that he’s learned a great deal about distinctive client satisfaction from living at Four Seasons Boston.

It’s a Global Team: Recently, Michael vacationed at Four Seasons in Nevis. Knowing that he would be travelling, Four Seasons Boston reached out to Four Seasons Nevis to make sure that every detail of Michael’s trip was taken care of well in advance of his departure. The Boston team and the Nevis team communicated before, during, and after Michael’s trip to make sure everything was delivered as expected. Michael has vacationed at many Four Seasons resorts around the globe and, each time, his Four Seasons Boston team makes sure his experience is delightful. It is this high level of service and communication that helped make Sotheby’s the only option for Michael when he was choosing an affiliation for his own real estate brand. Michael, a global real estate agent through his Sotheby’s affiliation, helps his clients relocate and purchase luxury homes all around the globe. He has thus far helped clients with real estate needs in London, Turkey, Miami, Bimini, and Nevis, because of his Sotheby’s global network.

Take Great Care of the Team: Michael says that one thing he appreciates most about Four Seasons Boston is that many of the team members have been there even longer than he has, which indicates that Four Seasons takes great care of their employees. He says that whether it be the doorman, the events coordinator, or housekeeping, many of the staff members have been with Four Seasons Boston since they first opened. This matters, says Michael, because humans are creatures of comfort and they will tend to keep coming back when they know that the experience they received yesterday will be the same, if not better, today, and so on. Michael has learned about being a better leader by living at Four Seasons. Now, instead of building a business in terms of “What’s in it for me?” he builds his business from a foundation of “What’s in it for the customer?” and “What’s in it for the team?” and by doing so he promotes longevity with both his clients as well as the members of The Carucci Group team.

If living at The Four Seasons Boston might be in your future, please contact Michael Carucci for a luxury market consultation. The Carucci Group currently has a premier two bedroom residence on the market at an exceptional value. As well, Michael is one of only a few ambassadors selling units at the distinguished and highly anticipated One Dalton, the new Four Seasons building in Boston. Whether your luxury real estate needs are local or global, The Carucci Group has got the expertise, the track record, and the team to make your luxury buying experience world class.