Michael Carucci on the Cost of Living in Boston

By The Carucci Group, Posted October 20, 2016

Michael Carucci’s clients move to Boston from all over the world and, depending on what part of the globe they are coming from, sometimes home prices are a shock. For example, where a 900 square foot luxury condo in Fort Worth, Texas might rent for $1700/month, that same luxury condo in Boston will rent for $2800/month. That being said, it’s not just housing that costs more, The Carucci Group tracks the cost of living all around so that we can give our clients a fair comparison of living expenses when it comes to food, entertainment, and personal care.

Here are some interesting Boston Cost of Living numbers based on October 2016 data:

  • Monthly rent for a 900/sqare foot apartment in an expensive area $2815
  • Monthly rent for a 900/square foot apartment in a normal rent area $2085
  • Utilities for 1 month in a 900 square foot apartment $227
  • Basic dinner out for two in a local pub $52
  • Two tickets to the movies $26
  • Two tickets to the theater (best seats) $155
  • Dinner for 2 at an Italian restaurant including wine and dessert $108
  • One cocktail at a downtown club $13
  • Basic lunch in the business district $14
  • Monthly ticket for public transportation $85

For a more detailed summary of Cost of Living data with the ability to compare between states visit the Expatistan Cost of Living Index.

Explains Michael Carucci, “Yes, there’s a price to pay for living in one of the greatest cities in the country, Boston. However, it’s important to also note that salaries, job opportunities, healthcare, and educational opportunities are more abundant in Boston than anywhere else in the country. The typcial clients we work with are comfortable paying more because, quite frankly, they get more in Boston than anywhere else.”

The Carucci Group offers their clients an array of tools to help clients best determine the best potential home price for their family so that the family maintains the level of living that they are used to. As well, the Salary Report tool the team uses, helps relocating clients determine how much they need to make in the city in order to maintain their standard of living.

If Cost of Living data and salary matrix reporting sounds unusual for a real estate company, you are correct. However, The Carucci Group is anything but average. In fact, the team works daily to ensure that that the tools, resources, and service offered by their vetted team members are unequaled anywhere else in the industry.

If you are interested in additional Cost of Living data for Boston or surrounding communities, reach out to Michael Carucci directly at michael.carucci@gibsonsir.com or 617-901-7600.