How Baby Boomers Are Driving The Real Estate Market

By darlenecarucci, Posted March 16, 2015

While Millenials push forward into the housing market seeking first-time homes, Boomers in the market are demanding very different things. Many Baby Boomers in retirement or fast tracking on that road, are electing to choose renovation over relocation or opting for homes designed specifically for an older, wiser, market clientele.

The need for housing designed and equipped for our aging America has created an architectural demand specializing in purposeful yet flexible design. Topping the list are open spaces, wider doorways and staircases, and a first-floor master bedroom, all of which can be adapted to suit the needs of a potentially handicapped owner. Comforts such as radiant heating, grab bars, shower seats, raised toilets and convertible hand showers are no longer wish list items, but trending in design and demand for 75 million consumers heading into their golden years. Flexible use areas for gym or office on the first floor, as well as extra lighting, are being incorporated into what has been labeled “universal design”, avoiding the handicapped or geriatric label.

In fact, there are many brokers in this age group who understand and specialize in this distinctive market.

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