Massachusetts Real Estate Sales Challenged by Record Breaking Weather

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 26, 2015

It’s still too soon to predict the long-term effect that record breaking snowfall will have on Massachusetts and New England Real Estate sales. Predictably, the impact has been felt this winter as snowfall increased and sales decreased. Challenges with weather related damage, plowing, staging, travel, parking or moving have certainly had a chilly effect on the market. Factor in a month’s worth of back to back weekend storms with school cancellations and you’ve got unprecedented climate influence. Some say the weather has brought new opportunity to buyers while others feel the limited inventory has driven up prices creating a seller’s market. We can all agree with Group Boston Real Estate President, Michael Carucci that “getting homes shown this winter is daunting.”.

So, will the thaw of Spring heat up our market? Opinions, as fickle¬†as the weather, predict that this past Winter will bring a Spring “flurry” of activity from sellers waiting out the weather to list their homes, and buyers who have been unable to logistically¬†view present inventory. One can hope that like our weather, “record breaking” activity will help recover a frozen market.