Damn Those Ice Dams

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 20, 2015

For many Bostonian’s it’s been a hellish month of back to back snowstorms, historical snowfall and record breaking cold. Residents are grappling with subzero temperatures, unprecedented traffic jams, unreliable public transportation and home damage. If that is not enough, ice dams have now become a major headache. It’s a much talked about, searched about, trending topic.¬†For many, this situation has suddenly introduced them to a myriad of treatments, quick-fixes, and preventions, all of which are time-consuming and costly. The Governor of Massachusetts has publicly empathized as he admits that he too, is struggling with this problem at his home.


Hardware stores are sold out of treatment products and for weary homeowners, the daily workout routine has been breaking away ice from their homes. The tremendous amount of home damage claims originating from New England has prompted Liberty Mutal Insurance to issue a statement regarding the pending weekend weather report and suggested precautionary actions regarding ice dams and roof collapse.

Be safe, be warm.