New England Patriots Keep Us Warm

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 3, 2015

Sandwiched between a blizzard and a major snowstorm was a warm distraction called the SuperBowl. The timing was near perfect. We got dug out, we got refocused, we stockpiled snacks, drinks and Superbowl favorites, and settled in for a fabulous, heart thumping evening of SuperBowl. All while the next storm loomed on our doorsteps.

The game at best was as unpredictable as our weather and anyones’ to win. Yet our team delivered ! They fought, they won, they did their job and they made us proud. Happy fans went to sleep, content, full and exhilarated! Like this last storm, they delivered!

Well, here we are again. Digging out, trudging on, dealing with historical snowfall and yet again the focus shifts. We’re readying for a celebration in grand style honoring the team that warms our hearts! Shout it from a snow bank. Who cares about a little snow, we’ve got a parade to plan.

Thank you New England Patriots for an amazing season.