Massachusetts Real Estate Sales Challenged by Record Breaking Weather

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 26, 2015

It’s still too soon to predict the long-term effect that record breaking snowfall will have on Massachusetts and New England Real Estate sales. Predictably, the impact has been felt this winter as snowfall increased and sales decreased. Challenges with weather related damage, plowing, staging, travel, parking or moving have certainly had a chilly effect on […]

Damn Those Ice Dams

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 20, 2015

For many Bostonian’s it’s been a hellish month of back to back snowstorms, historical snowfall and record breaking cold. Residents are grappling with subzero temperatures, unprecedented traffic jams, unreliable public transportation and home damage. If that is not enough, ice dams have now become a major headache. It’s a much talked about, searched about, trending […]

Surreptitiously Delicious

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 11, 2015

The New Times just ran an article entitled: “Towers of Secrecy: Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows To Elite New York Real Estate”, which listed secret owners, including New England Patriot’s Quarterback, Tom Brady, among other public figures of celebrity status. From this, spun a secondary Boston Globe article entitled ” Brady’s ‘Secret Money’ Is Part of NYC […]

New England Patriots Keep Us Warm

By darlenecarucci, Posted February 3, 2015

Sandwiched between a blizzard and a major snowstorm was a warm distraction called the SuperBowl. The timing was near perfect. We got dug out, we got refocused, we stockpiled snacks, drinks and Superbowl favorites, and settled in for a fabulous, heart thumping evening of SuperBowl. All while the next storm loomed on our doorsteps. The […]