Yes, We’re Boston Strong

By darlenecarucci, Posted January 29, 2015

In the wake of a major snow storm now in the books as the Blizzard of 2015, Boston resiliently pulls up it’s bootstraps and gets on with it. Yes, it’s below zero today, yes, we’ve got a whopping near 3feet of snow on the ground, and yes… we’ve got more to contend with tonight!

But ask many Bostonian’s what’s on their mind and the majority consensus is the SuperBowl ! With just 3 days to go til the New England Patriot’s battle it out for the coveted title of champion, fans are welcoming and warmed by the sunny distraction of Phoenix, Arizona. There’s lots of heated planning ahead for SuperBowl Sunday, and just as we embraced this past storm and the next, our battle cry in true champion form is “Bring It” !