Olympics By the Numbers and Cents

By darlenecarucci, Posted December 2, 2014

With Boston placing itself as a candidate to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, this blogger took a look at some of the numbers being played in the Olympic games:

THREE – The number of years we must wait for the Olympic Committee to decide it’s host

FOUR – The number of US cities vying for the honor. (Boston, Washington, San Francisco and Los Angelos)

FIVE – The number of continents hoping to host

SEVEN – The number of years it will take the host city to prepare

NINE – The number of bidders in 1995 for the 2002 Winter Olympics; (and TWO the number of bidders in 2014 for the 2022 games)

TEN – The number of countries potentially submitting bid

TWELVE – the number of bidders in 1997 for the 2014 Summer Games; (and THREE in 2013 for the 2020 games.)

SEVENTEEN – The number of days the event lasts

THIRTY – The amount of competition venues that are required

EIGHTY THOUSAND – The number of seats needed for the largest of venues

TWENTY – The number of acres required to build the largest venue

FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND  – The number of hotel rooms that will be needed

TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND – The size of the work force needed

$1 BILLION – The amount of dollars needed to build just the largest of venues

$4.5 BILLION – The amount of private funding needed to build all Olympic venus